Music & live performances

Rokafella x DJ Flow | Tommy Sullivan

Venus is Running shot and edited by Mario Lobo-- artwork by  Kito

La Roka NYC with the FC HardRocks

This was at the Coney Island Breakers Reunion to open for the Queen of Freestyle Shannon!! 

Rokafella | Sybarite Love is Love 2015 with Cocomotion and Richard James

Rokafella 2015 at M ommas Hip hop Kitchen with Mantis and Niara.

Rok With It-- La Roka NYC

  • This gem was shot & edited by Melissa Ulto, this video captures a song mixed by KS360 and DJ Lato!!  

1st live performance of Rok With it at the Green Show

La Roka 

Short Montage

Full Circle August 2009 RPM

Fresh New Yorkers Episode 11

OPEN: Pioneer Breakdancer Rokafella

Rokafella & Full Circle Productions @ 2011 Alternate Routes Hip Hop Festival